To set up a new account at
Tommy's Wholesale Florist
1. A completed Tommy's Wholesale
certificate of resale form.
2. A copy of your state sales tax id#.
(please fax or email)

3. A minimum of $300.00 first purchase
must be met unless you have proof of
purchase  from other suppliers.

Proof of purchase- Current invoices that total
300 dollars from another wholesaler that sells
the type of merchandise we sell. It must show
the name of your shop along with the name of
that wholesale.
After you make the first purchase or
proof of purchase  we do not  have a
minimum amount to buy
Tommy's Wholesale Florist, Inc.
2106 East national Cemetery Road
Florence S.C. 29506
fax 843-662-1262
We are a full line wholesale florist servicing retailers who specialize in cut flowers, floral supplies, permanent botanicals, and holiday
decorations. We have a 35,000 sq foot facility located in Florence SC. We stock over 8,000 floral supply items and have a large selection of
fresh cut flowers. We deliver to most of South Carolina , the lower parts of North Carolina, Savannah and Augusta Ga.
Tommy's Wholesale Florist, Inc.
Call and speak to Amanda if any questions.